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The JCB 2CX is our compact backhoe loader. Offering high performance and versatility in a manoeuverable package. The 2CX features a side-shift back-end design, and a powerful self-levelling loader with high lift capacities and breakout forces. That means minimum spillage and maximum productivity. 4-wheel steer offers superb controllability and a potent 55 kW JCB diesel engine can power the 2CX from site to site quickly and efficiently.

Each 2CX provides a safe, comfortable working environment too. Our ROPS/FOPS cabs offer exceptional visibility and they are very quiet workplaces, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.


The drivetrain on a JCB 2CX backhoe loader is durable, powerful and versatile. The 55 kW turbo charged Tier 3-compliant four-cylinder JCB diesel engine runs off an 83-litre pannier-mounted fuel tank for day-long productivity.

Combined with a 4-speed synchromesh transmission with powershuttle that’s geared to run at a swift 21mph maximum. Four-wheel drive and an automatic limited slip differential provide maximum traction in arduous terrain. And, because the 2CX backhoe has 4-wheel steer, it can get round the very tightest corners (it can turn through 360 degrees within a single carriageway).

Stopping Power

  • Self-adjusting multi-disc JCB brake system ensures effective, fade-free braking. 
  • Discs are inboard mounted and oil immersed for minimum maintenance and a long operating life.
  • Twin brake pedals provide tighter turning circle and enhanced steering control on slippery ground.



The JCB 2CX backhoe is, of course, primarily about shifting material efficiently, which is something it does exceptionally well. A single acting auxiliary circuit powers a wide range of attachments for versatility and a hydraulic quickhitch on the dipper makes changing those attachments quick and easy.

All rams and hoses are mounted inside the boom for increased protection and a full flow 10 micron filter ensures that oil stays free of contaminants.

The simple and reliable Open Centre system uses a high efficiency gear pump with power modulation valve to automatically vary hydraulic power to match digging conditions for perfect performance and power. A priority valve ensures a metered supply to the steering and main hydraulic system.


The 2CX’s self-levelling loader arm, meanwhile, is ideal for pallet fork work while the equal length boom and dipper maximises trench length; less repositioning is required. The fact that the boom and dipper is narrow also means operators can enjoy superb visibility.


The JCB 2CX backhoe loader has excellent visibility (and safety), provided by extra large tinted glass areas. There’s also built-in ROPS/FOPS protection, to ISO standards 3471 and 3449 (SAE J1040 and J231).

In-cab noise levels are class-leadingly low, lowest in the business. There is a lap seat belt as standard, and the front sloping bonnet improves visibility still further.

Controlling the 2CX couldn’t be easier or more intuitive with ergonomically positioned levers to control the loader and backhoe. Then there’s a fully adjustable seat with lumbar support, a radio location with twin stereo speakers, 3 speed fresh air/recycle heater, 12V power supply, front and rear screen wash/wipers (cab), front and rear horn, exterior mirrors, and a flat easy-clean floor.

More comforts

  • Cab access is easy via a left hand single door.
  • Right-hand mounted instrument panel shows loading or excavating position, engine speed, and fuel and coolant temperature gauges.
  • Fixed steering column.

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