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JCB Steelmaster - Your No.1 choice for steel tracks

Here at JCB, one of our number one priorities is helping you to maximise the uptime and productivity of your excavator or fleet. Central to that goal is making sure that our excavator undercarriages are durable and high quality, not least because this can be one of the most costly areas to maintain.

That’s why we’ve developed our NEW two tier JCB Steelmaster range.

  • JCB Steelmaster
  • JCB Steelmaster Plus

JCB Steelmaster products are built to last, yet they’re also competitively priced, maximising productivity and minimising running costs. The range is, of course, designed to work in perfect harmony with JCB excavators.

Best of all, JCB Steelmaster and Steelmaster PLUS* Steel Tracks [ST] and Track Running Gear [TRG] parts are supported by our dealer network and a 12-month warranty

In short, it really does pay to make JCB your number one choice for steel tracks.

*(when fitted by JCB Dealers).

The sum of our parts

We know what it takes to design, manufacture and supply high quality, reliable, value-for-money excavator parts. Apart from anything else, we’ve worked with some of the world’s leading excavator undercarriage manufacturers for decades, building valuable experience along the way.

This means that we’ve been able to design, engineer and test every one of our JCB Steelmaster parts to meet the unique characteristics of our own excavators. Consequently, each part is built to handle the exact wear characteristics of these world-beating machines.

Naturally, each JCB Steelmaster part is also fully supported by the market-leading JCB global dealership and parts networks, so whenever and wherever you need support, we’ll be there.

The underlying principals

Because excavator undercarriages are critical to enjoying a low cost of ownership, we’ve designed JCB Steelmaster components with quality in mind. We’ve used premium components, sealed-for-life rollers and high-grade steel for outstanding, lasting performance.

In fact, when tested against other leading brands, JCB Steelmaster ST and TRG products surpassed performance expectations (in spite of a lower price point).

As an added bonus, to keep performance levels (not to mention uptime) to a maximum, JCB Service Engineers and Dealers can help make sure your machine is working at peak efficiency. By examining wear rates, we can help you schedule maintenance at the best possible time. That way, you can minimise the risk of component failure, accidents and machine downtime, whilst enjoying optimum performance, fuel consumption and stability.

The JCB Steelmaster range

The JCB Steelmaster and Steelmaster PLUS ranges are designed to meet the exacting requirements of JCB excavators, the tracks and running gear offer high quality, reliability and performance in an excellent value for money package whatever your budget, application and requirement..

  • JCB Steelmaster

Introducing the NEW range of tracks and parts for excavator undercarriages from JCB, designed specifically for use on 20 tonne OE machines* from JCB, these are now available from JCB Service as full assemblies or parts. As with all JCB products these are excellent quality, durable and now offered at an even more competitive price point.

Contact your dealer here who can confirm fitment to your machine

  • JCB Steelmaster PLUS

Designed specifically for JCB excavators fitted at OEM and manufactured by leading manufacturers such as Berco or ITM. These track parts are the premium range from JCB Service who offer a one-stop-shop from 10 to 42 tonne JCB excavators parts for the complete range of parts.

Backup masters

JCB takes it reputation seriously, which is why our components (including the JCB Steelmaster range) go through stringent quality and performance tests. These include:

  • Design verification
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Component strain gauging
  • Endurance testing
  • Field testing

Only after a component has passed every test does it become a JCB Genuine Part, available via our Service and Parts teams. We’ve always been considered a class apart when it comes to high quality, reliable and freely available parts provision; our current network includes 49 UK and 2000 worldwide dealer depots, with 15 supply warehouses globally. It really is the full solution from machine to maintenance.

Steelmaster Features & Benefits

These parts are interchangeable with the existing range of JCB products, but if possible should be used as a complete system. Component parts such as bushes, seals, links and pins are specific to JCB parts.

Branded JCB

The JCB Steelmaster range is by JCB, specifically for JCB excavators giving complete peace of mind, fitting JCB undercarriage components.

Carrier Rollers

The JCB Steelmaster carrier roller designed for a JCB 20 tonne excavator will fit a number of other JCB machines.

Idle & Tensioners

The idler wheel and recoil unit is available as an individual part to keep costs to a minimum for customers on a budget.

Pins, Bushes & Masters

JCB's pins, bushes and masters are designed for tough applications and improve the life of each part.


JCB Steelmaster sprockets available in two designs dependent on which track motor is fitted, each option is induction and core hardened for maximum durability and wear characteristics.

Steel Track Assemblies

Pin and bush design keeps links smooth and greased for less friction, wear and extended life.

Track Chains

Steel track chains are available in two chain lengths - 46 and 49 links, which are 190 mm pitch.

Track Rollers

The JCB Steelmaster carrier roller designed for a JCB 20 tonne excavator will fit a number of other JCB machines.

Track Shoes

Track shoes for varied applications – allowing the right parts for the job.

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